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Nandar Linn is a professional master of ceremonies with charming stage presence and poise. she had been involved in the events industry since 2012, experiences more than 900 events for now, and since then she had grown and developed immensely, due to the multitude of experiences that she had encountered.

She is noted for her warmth, passion and sincerity and these characteristics have made her popular among other MCs and host at several significant events including 27th Sea Game at Ngwe Saung

During her career as TV presenter at 5 Network TV Channel, she has interviewed a variety of
personalities and celebrities. Her background come from the passionate TV presenter, she is still show up at Myawaddy TV,5Plus, 7Day TV. When not fulfilling her presenting roles, Nandar
Linn is in demand for MC.

     Her broad market appeal has ensure her popularity as a MC with corporate market
where she easily engages with people of all ages, from the young to the old.She is also a good contributor who share her experiences to new MCs at Talent and Model agency with her teacher Ma Tin Moe Lwin.